A place to say Thank U !

thankUpages.com is a place to say Thank U—Thank U to a friend, Thank U to a stranger…a relative, a teacher, a coworker, acquaintances from the past and more. To whomever you want to give thanks this is the place to do it. Even if you just want to be thankful and show your gratitude to GOD or The Universe in general!

Thank ‘U’ because the U represents the Universe in which we all live and the U is a smile. When you say Thank U it brings a smile to the face of the recipient and causes a smile to you, the giver of thanks, as well. 

thankUpages.com will serve as a permanent record for the thanks you give. When you get frustrated and overwhelmed with life and perhaps are feeling down or hopeless you can visit the site to see all the ThankUs from around the world and maybe get uplifted or reminded that there really is more good out there in the world than what we are generally shown in the prevailing news outlets and internet sites.

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